It's Happening Again!

Come join us for the Dance of a Lifetime!  

Come dance with Hezekiah Walker Live. Doing a live dance performance to the hit song Every praise. Join our dance team of one thousand praise dancers. United together to dance as one, embodying the ideals of peace and unity. Dancers who can go beyond dominations, beyond churches, beyond different faiths, different races, and Nationalities to come together for this momentous event.


Step 1: Register Online

  • Register Online and receive the videos provided.  
  • No Age No Problem (If you can dance, come and dance)

Step 2: Practice on Your Own

  • Watch the videos on your own. 
  • Learn the dance and practice.  

Step 3: Attend on Location

  • Find out where the local practices are being held  
  • Midtown, Harlem, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Flushing, New Jersey

Step 4: Performance

  • Come to the event and have the experience of a lifetime